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Eight Essential Reasons to get ScaleBlitzer

Here’s eight reasons why ScaleBlitzer is a big boost for students practicing their scales: You will actually WANT to practice your scales. Yes, really. ScaleBlitzer remembers your homework and keeps track of your progress, testing you more on the scales you have trouble with The fact that you have to rate yourself each time you […]

Digital Native

Digital Natives – Teaching Styles

At the recent Piano Festival at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music I gave a presentation called ‘Teaching Digital Natives’, in which I discussed the ways in which technology has changed the learning styles of the current generation. There were 120 piano teachers in the room, of various ages and stages of teaching. We started the […]

New Feature in ScaleBlitzer v 1.2

ScaleBlitzer 1.2 has just been released and it contains a groovy new feature called ‘Device Transfer’. Imagine you’ve been using ScaleBlitzer for a while on the family iPad. You’re number 12 on the ScaleBlitzer leaderboard and you have about 30,000 points – well done! Then you receive an amazing birthday gift – your very own […]