ScaleBlitzer | App for Practicing Scales & Arpeggios

by BlitzBooks

Eight Essential Reasons to get ScaleBlitzer


Here’s eight reasons why ScaleBlitzer is a big boost for students practicing their scales:

  1. You will actually WANT to practice your scales. Yes, really.
  2. ScaleBlitzer remembers your homework and keeps track of your progress, testing you more on the scales you have trouble with
  3. The fact that you have to rate yourself each time you play a scale means you will actually listen to your practice
  4. You can record you playing and prove to your teacher that you ‘got it right at home’
  5. You earn points for every scale you play and you can watch yourself move up the ScaleBlitzer leaderboard
  6. Your teacher can track your progress with ScaleBlitzer and set up a studio competition
  7. ScaleBlitzer helps you prepare for exams
  8. You’ll have fun when you practice

Get ScaleBlitzer today from the AppStore.

Download this as a PDF: Eight-Essential-Reasons-to-get-ScaleBlitzer

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