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ScaleBlitzer Case Study – Sharon

I’m really excited to share this feedback from Sharon, one of our ScaleBlitzer customers. She kindly forwarded on an email she sent to her entire school – check out some the wonderful results the students have achieved:

Hi everyone!

This is an email to update you on what is happening with students with Scale Blitzer.

For those who aren’t familiar with this, Scale Blitzer is an ‘app’ which is downloaded from the ‘app store’ for iPad, iPhone or iPod (not available for tablets or android yet). It’s an Australian invention by a Sydney-based piano teacher & examiner.


Based on how this has performed for my students, & myself since I crash-tested it first, I can’t recommend this enough. Not only is it FUN, it’s frequently FUNNY and at the same time I’m seeing an often drastic improvement in the playing of my students (technically, with scales & with pieces). For my students who recently received exceptional results in their piano exams, I have to say that Scale Blitzer got each of these children ‘over the line’ with their exams. All of their reports had remarks on their technique & articulation. For a section of the exam (technical work a.k.a ‘scales’) that frequently means the difference between a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’, all students played them without problems!  Not only that, they played them HAPPILY & CONFIDENTLY!

Scale Blitzer , to the kids, is a game. Stage 1 is FREE and is appropriate for most of my students. When the game opens the player chooses a ‘character’ (DJ Dude, Rock Chick, Maestro or Pop Princess) & ‘home city’ (can be anywhere in the world that has a famous concert hall). Scales are entered in ‘Homework’. The player can either practice using ‘Practice Studio’ or go on a ‘World Tour’ (to all the famous concert halls around the world chosen from a world map). The ‘game’ gives the player a scale or ‘task’ (grouped in 4 tasks at a time) to complete. Scales are mixed up & presented in a variety of ways to add fun & humour. When a task has been completed the player self-rates themselves (for example ‘Awesome Playing’, ‘Could do better’, ‘Booed off stage’). They are then given a certain number of points based on the level of difficulty they chose to practise in & how well they played the scale (yes, most of the kids ‘cheat’ initially however I’ve gradually seen them becoming more discerning in rating themselves). Points are collected to earn ‘Achievements’ (clothes & accessories for the character as well as Certificates & Medals). You can also then go online to the website & find yourself on the ‘Leaderboard’ where you can also compare yourself according to others.

During a piano lesson I ask the children to tell me how many scales they’ve practised that week. I can see on the Leaderboard how many points they have. I then award them points based on points earned & scales played that week. The number of points they earn is quite generous & a further source of excitement & motivation for the kids.

Why do this if my student isn’t serious?? Good question! I’ve seen ScaleBlitzer motivate kids & add a new element of fun. I’ve also seen an increase in confidence, which is often a source of a child being reluctant to try something new. It DEFINITELY improves their playing!

Why do this if I’m an adult?? Personally I find it a funny app to play. At the same time as I’m laughing at it, it’s pushing me to my limits & beyond. My own teacher has noted an improvement in my playing since doing ScaleBlitzer. I have found that you won’t be able to complete the ‘tasks’ well if you don’t have the right hand & finger shape. Thus this app ‘makes’ you play better!

Take care,


It’s so pleasing to hear how people are using, responding and improving with ScaleBlitzer. Thanks for sending it in Sharon.

We’d love to hear your experiences – how are you finding ScaleBlitzer? Please let us know in the comments or email  me directly here.

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