New Feature in ScaleBlitzer v 1.2

PrintScaleBlitzer 1.2 has just been released and it contains a groovy new feature called ‘Device Transfer’.

Imagine you’ve been using ScaleBlitzer for a while on the family iPad. You’re number 12 on the ScaleBlitzer leaderboard and you have about 30,000 points – well done! Then you receive an amazing birthday gift – your very own iPod touch. You install ScaleBlitzer on it and you want to use this from now on when you practice. You’re very excited about this until you realise… uh oh… you would need to create a new user and you’ll be at the bottom of the leaderboard!

This is a pretty common situation in gaming. Many kids will know the pain of having reached a high level or points total in their favourite game, only to have to forfeit all of that in order to play the game on a different device. It’s annoying!

ScaleBlitzer’s new ‘Device Transfer’ feature allows you to switch devices without having to start again. You retain your user name, character, wardrobe and all of your points. The only catch is that the instrument packs you’re using are not transferable – you will need to download them again on your new device (and you won’t have to pay for this if it’s the same Apple ID). So although you will lose your practice statistics and homework history, you won’t lose your place on the ScaleBlitzer leaderboard!

To transfer your character and points to another device, select the ‘Transfer Character’ button in the Character Options screen. You’ll get a message warning you that your character is about to be transferred (it goes up into the cloud). Once you say ok, you simply log in on any other device that has ScaleBlitzer.

You can also transfer your character back to the original device! (If you do this you’ll come back to all your packs and practice stats.)

Some other important points about this update:

· ScaleBlitzer REMEMBERS your homework and KEEPS TRACK of your progress. So even though you can only enter up to 16 items of homework at a time, once you’ve mastered them you can simply delete them from the list and enter another 16. Don’t worry, you’ll still be tested on the first lot of 16 scales – ScaleBlitzer won’t let you forget them!

· In ‘Practice Studio’ you’ll be tested on the current list of scales. In ‘Go on Tour’ you’re tested on everything you’ve ever entered for homework.

· The leaderboard on the ScaleBlitzer website now only displays users that have earned some points. So if you’re wondering why you can’t see yourself there, it may be that you’ve set up your user but you haven’t played any scales yet!

3 Responses to “New Feature in ScaleBlitzer v 1.2”

  1. sue February 12, 2013 at 5:29 am #

    Hi. Great app and good to see a new version.
    I expect you are already on the case – but if not – please can we have Stage 3 for Trumpet soon – my son is studying for his Grade 5, so is going to need a bit more than current Stage 1 Trumpet easy scales! Thanks.

  2. Rosey February 20, 2013 at 12:20 am #

    Great app students love it, but we cannot transfer old details across and it won’t allow the same user name to be entered into upgrade- how do you delete a user?

    • Samantha Coates February 20, 2013 at 12:45 am #

      Hi Rosey
      Does your comment refer to the ‘device transfer’ feature? Unfortunately only users created after the update is installed are eligible for ‘device transfer’. There is no way to delete a user.
      Can you give me more details as to the problem you’re experiencing?

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