ScaleBlitzer | App for Practicing Scales & Arpeggios

by BlitzBooks

ScaleBlitzer – Improving Your Scales

The ScaleBlitzer app is the only app that makes scales and arpeggios (and any other technical work) fun and interesting to play!

Enter in your homework

Rather than practice with a notebook in front of you that lists the scales your teacher wants you to practice that week, you can enter that list into the app and have it generate a huge variety of activities to do based on the keys you’ve entered.

ScaleBlitzer Homework

Rate your own playing

Everyone knows that effective practice requires listening to the way you’ve played something and deciding whether it needs more work or not. The ScaleBlitzer app has self-rating buttons for each activity, and it remembers which scales you’ve rated well and those you’ve rated poorly. You’ll get tested more often on the ones you’re having trouble with, until they start to improve.

ScaleBlitzer - start your practice

Choose your difficultly level

There are five different modes in to choose from in the ScaleBlitzer app:

Warm-up: Easy practice methods like ‘ascending only’, ‘play twice’

Basic: No practice method given, just straight out no-frills instructions (e.g. like you would get in an exam)

Muscle Builder: Practice methods using such things rhythms, accents, dynamics

Brain Strain: Harder practice methods, or a combination of two methods! (e.g. in a certain rhythm AND staccato)

Thrill Seeker: This mode is not for the faint-hearted! You’ll get some really tough methods, or sometimes THREE different methods to incorporate into one scale!

ScaleBlitzer Practice 1

Earn Points and awards

Progress and rewards will motivate any student. Not only do you accumulate points which are displayed on the leaderboard on the ScaleBlitzer website

ScaleBlitzer - Achievements

Update: ScaleBlitzer is available now!

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