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Past and Current Homework

Exciting homework update for ScaleBlitzer

ScaleBlitzer now has a brand new feature: You can now access all of your Past Homework! You might be thinking, ‘what Past Homework?’ Well, up until now, you have only ever seen the Current Homework list (the one that can only hold 16 items). When items were ‘deleted’ from there, they were still stored in […]


ScaleBlitzer Case Study – Sharon

I’m really excited to share this feedback from Sharon, one of our ScaleBlitzer customers. She kindly forwarded on an email she sent to her entire school – check out some the wonderful results the students have achieved: Hi everyone! This is an email to update you on what is happening with students with Scale Blitzer. […]

Introduction to ScaleBlitzer

Introduction to ScaleBlitzer Video

UPDATED: Latest video updated 23 April 2013 We are in the process of making a few short videos about ScaleBlitzer. Soon there will be a whole bunch of ‘how-to’ video tutorials on how to use it and get the best out of it, as well as testimonials from happy customers. For now here is a […]

ScaleBlitzer - start your practice

Bored with practising scales?

My husband and I have been developing the ScaleBlitzer app for almost a whole year now. It has been an incredible experience, getting our heads around all this new stuff! (Well, not so new for my husband, he is a total geek.) All the app does, essentially, is make kids want to practice their scales. […]

ScaleBlitzer Homework

ScaleBlitzer – Improving Your Scales

The ScaleBlitzer app is the only app that makes scales and arpeggios (and any other technical work) fun and interesting to play! Enter in your homework Rather than practice with a notebook in front of you that lists the scales your teacher wants you to practice that week, you can enter that list into the […]

ScaleBlitzer - choose your activity

ScaleBlitzer is coming

As you may have read in previous newsletters, we recently ran a ‘Scales and Arpeggios Pilot Program’ which was a huge success. In this program, students tried out all sorts of fabulous practice methods for scales and arpeggios which helped their progress enormously.  These methods were devised by the wonderful Abe Cytrynowski, of Scalecards fame, […]