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Past and Current Homework

Exciting homework update for ScaleBlitzer

ScaleBlitzer now has a brand new feature: You can now access all of your Past Homework! You might be thinking, ‘what Past Homework?’ Well, up until now, you have only ever seen the Current Homework list (the one that can only hold 16 items). When items were ‘deleted’ from there, they were still stored in […]

Digital Native

Digital Natives – Teaching Styles

At the recent Piano Festival at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music I gave a presentation called ‘Teaching Digital Natives’, in which I discussed the ways in which technology has changed the learning styles of the current generation. There were 120 piano teachers in the room, of various ages and stages of teaching. We started the […]

Flying High on Scales

Flying High on Scales

Most students would probably agree that practising scales and arpeggios hardly rates as a major “fun” activity. All too often an inertia in this area of work results in a rushed and anxious cramming period for the student, just before the exams. Whereas we, as teachers, might consider the importance of scales and arpeggios as […]