ScaleBlitzer | App for Practicing Scales & Arpeggios

by BlitzBooks


Ok…here is the afternoon that I could never have imagined. Firstly though, a bit of background. I’ve been teaching piano for 20 years and feel like I’ve (hopefully) mastered the art of motivating my students to practice. Now here are two things that I’m not fond of when it comes to music practice – technology and technology. So when Sam asked me to trial her scale app with my children, I was, to put it mildly, fairly sceptical. So here’s what happened…once we were organised with who was what character, which my kids already found exciting, there was a fight about who was going to practice their scales first!! Now I overcame that hurdle after some serious negotiation but after an 1hr and 15mins of my 7-year-old playing scales on her flute I found myself saying a sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth…”will you stop playing scales and do some of your pieces!!”

Oh my goodness…at this point we had an emergency – the phone battery was about to die. After locating the phone charger (and two Nurofen for myself…) it was my 9-year-old’s turn. Now, I really didn’t think this would appeal to her as she is fairly serious about the way in which she approaches her music practice. How wrong I was! Two hours later she was still going and proudly showed me all the cities she had performed in and the new clothes she had ‘earned’ for her character. So now I would have to say I am convinced this is a winner – well done Sam!

Lindi Greenfield, AMS teacher, Sydney

Some terrific reviews have appeared for ScaleBlitzer in the app store. Here’s a few:

A Great Help!
“My daughter and I have both started using this app. We are now competing for points and prizes. A great motivator.”
Lyra Serafina – Dec 12, 2012

Makes boring scales fun
“I’ve hated scales since I was a child. This app actually makes it easy and fun. Even my kids like it.”
Music mummy – Dec 13, 2012

“I love playing my pieces but, until now, scales have been a turn-off. However, thanks to this app, now I’m really getting into my scales. I’m surprising myself at my growing expertise!”
Porpy77 – Dec 14, 2012

Game changer!
“I have never really got into scale practice before, but this app actually makes it fun!!! I have nailed nearly all my scales :D”
joshuastolfo  – Dec 11, 2012

Great resource for teachers!
“I use it all the time for my students to go and self-evaluate their scales. It’s a logbook and trainer all in one. Makes teaching classes easier and more enjoyable. Good one!”
michael_yeahman  – Dec 11, 2012

Blitz in a new world!
“I’ve been a fan of Blitz books for years – my wife uses them with all of her students too. It’s great to see these well thought out, clear and pedagogically strong products move into the world of iOS apps. ScaleBlitzer is a fully featured app with a great number of uses for multiple instruments – it is incredibly motivational for students of all ages.”
Jimmy H – Nov 11, 2012