Exciting homework update for ScaleBlitzer

ScaleBlitzer now has a brand new feature:

You can now access all of your Past Homework!

You might be thinking, ‘what Past Homework?’ Well, up until now, you have only ever seen the Current Homework list (the one that can only hold 16 items). When items were ‘deleted’ from there, they were still stored in ScaleBlitzer’s memory, so you could be tested on those in ‘Go on Tour’.

(You can click to enlarge the following screenshot)

Past and Current Homework

(Quick reminder: ‘Practice Studio’ tests Current homework. ‘Go on Tour’ tests current AND past homework  i.e. everything you’ve ever entered.)

With this new update, it is now possible to edit the Past Homework list! This is EXTREMELY exciting for a few reasons:

  1. It is now possible to view all homework that has ever been entered, rather than just the 16 items on the current homework list.
  2. It is possible to move items from current to past homework, and to restore items from past to current homework.
  3. If a homework item is entered incorrectly by mistake, you can now move it and delete it from past homework.
  4. If you no longer want to be tested on old homework items when you ‘Go on Tour’, you can go in to your past homework list and delete them permanently.

This ‘edit past homework’ feature is something we are very excited to be able to release. As both creator of ScaleBlitzer and a teacher watching my students use it, I have found it extremely annoying to have scales pop up in ‘Go on Tour’ that are not relevant to what is being studied at the time.

In addition, since an instrument pack covers more than one grade/level, it is now possible to clear out all the homework that has been entered for a particular grade and enter in all new keys.

The weighting/rating system still applies. ScaleBlitzer remembers the ratings for each scale and tests you more often on scales you rate poorly and less often on scales you rate well. This is extremely helpful when preparing for an exam! Once a scale is deleted permanently from the past homework list, all previous ratings are also deleted. If you want to practice that particular scale again, simply enter it into the Current Homework screen.

ScaleBlitzer homework prompt

Look out for this exciting new feature in your next App update.

2 Responses to “Exciting homework update for ScaleBlitzer”

  1. Sharon Ellam December 16, 2013 at 7:21 am #

    Thanks Sam,
    This will also be good for the little one’s who ‘accidentally’ add a scale that isn’t on their list. Frustrating.
    Having used this app for almost 12 months with my students (about 16 currently) I’ve found it immensely useful. As I’m reviewing the year I’m also reviewing Scale Blitzer for 2014. I’ve found that most of my students have become lukewarm about Scale Blitzer after they reach about 10-12 000 points ie when the clothes & accessories for their characters end. A trophy or medal each 10 000 points isn’t really keeping their attention. I’ve found it a struggle to keep the momentum & am yet to find the solution. I’m hoping that you can update the character accessories feature in 2014 so my students have something more to work towards ie more ‘carrots’.
    Thanks for a great app & Merry Christmas to you & Abe.

  2. Trudi Hammond December 18, 2013 at 12:33 am #

    Merry Christmas and thank you for the monthly newsletters. It is a great reminder to get onto our scales! We look forward to using the new improved version.
    Cheers Trudi and Adele

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