ScaleBlitzer | App for Practicing Scales & Arpeggios

by BlitzBooks

Welcome to ScaleBlitzer

Welcome to the ScaleBlitzer App website.

SCAM warning: If you have purchased ‘App Guide to ScaleBlitzer’ please request a refund from iTunes as this is a scam app and has nothing to do with ScaleBlitzer!
The authentic ScaleBlitzer app can be downloaded from the iPhone app section of the Apple Store.

N.B. ScaleBlitzer works perfectly well on an iPad but does not show up in a store search of the iPad section.

ScaleBlitzer is the new iPhone and iPod app for blitzing your scales! Plus it works on iPad.

The app is available on the iTunes App Store here.

See our blog posts and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details.

Watch this short video to find out more:

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ScaleBlitzer - choose your activity

ScaleBlitzer - start your practice

ScaleBlitzer - In the practice studio

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